Storgio Trejo 
Founder and President 

An expert in custom fine furniture, Storgio's entire life revolves around furniture. He learned the craft from an early age in Mexico, a country with tradition for fine quality furniture. In 1982 as a young Cabinetmaker in USA, he had the opportunity to refine his talent in woodworking for a legendary name in the history of American furniture and design, Manheim Galleries.

Here he excelled becoming Cabinetmaking Foreman  with over 20 cabinetmakers under his guidance. 

In 1993 Storgio founded Storgio Ventura inc. With a team of highly skilled carpenters, finishers, upholstered and metal fabricators,


Storgio Ventura's custom fine furniture expertise surpasses industry standards.  

Our profound knowledge of materials, finishes and manufacturing techniques has set Storgio Ventura Inc as a reference name in the domestic custom furniture industry and interior design market. 

Storgio Ventura Inc is a custom furniture maker located in the Dallas Design District.

As a custom furniture manufacturer for over 25 years, we're serving the interior design industry providing quality custom furniture. Including case goods, upholstery, occasional, stone and metal furniture, antique reproductions and furniture restorations.

Our furniture pieces are enjoyed in homes, hotel suites, restaurants, corporate offices, senior living communities, urban living apartments, boutique shops, spas, hair salons and others.We focus on providing high quality furniture at reasonable prices. Our custom furniture will match your design preferences, becoming an accent piece in your interiors while being comfortable and durable.

In our gallery sections of this website, you may see a variety of custom made furniture and built ins made by our company.

The designs are those of our customers and various designs are copyrighted and may not be reproduced . 

The gallery section shows the capabilities, and possibilities of our manufacturing.